"One of the underlying themes of my work is to examine the conflict between man’s desire to remain an individual--true to himself-- with the needs of society that demand a level of conformity to ensure its survival. My writing often portrays humanity's struggle to balance these conflicting forces and the tragedies of those who cannot."
NEWS: BIRTH RIGHTS will be given a staged reading
7:30: pm. Wednesday, October 11, 2017
The Den Theatre - 1333 . Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL
The reading is free and reservation are not needed.

David Alex has received three Awards from the Illinois Arts Council in Recognition in Playwriting, a Grant from the Pilgrim Foundation and has served as the Secretary of the Chicago Alliance for Playwrights and the Illinois Theatre Association. He is a proud member of the Joseph Jefferson Committee that recognizes excellence in Chicago theatre and the Dramatists Guild.

David Alex lives in Chicago. Email him at